Audit Trail & Regulatory Compliance

By Marketing 2 years ago

Audit Trail & Regulatory Compliance

Because TrakSYS™ is widely used in regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical devices, and food, Parsec has developed AUDITTrak™ to manage electronic records and electronic signatures. AUDITTrak™ makes it simple to stay current.

The AUDITTrak™ feature of TrakSYS™ enables implementations to be completed in compliance with the all regulations including the Food and Drug Administration. With AUDITTrak™, the user can easily select which activities need to be monitored for electronic signature whenever a change is made.

Once AUDITTrak™ has been configured, the system will actively monitor for changes to the existing; configuration, set points, products, and recorded values. Anytime such a change is detected, AUDITTrak™ will mandate primary and secondary electronic signatures along with relevant notes to describe the reason for the change. All changes are recorded for detailed reporting and analysis.

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