Data Collector

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Data Collector

SENSORTrak™ is an easy-to-deploy device that is used for data collection from production assets (equipment, line, cell etc.) that typically lack communication capabilities. The data collected by SENSORTrak™ is used by TrakSYS™ for real-time assessment of performance, root cause analysis, and reporting.

SENSORTrak™ data collectors are equipped with photoelectric sensors for all data counting and totaling, here are some of the benefits of SENSORTrak™:

  1. Quick to install
  2. No infrastructure/equipment modification
  3. Self-contained
  4. Four sensor inputs with quick disconnect (multiple SENSORTrak™ collectors may be used to cover large production areas)

SENSORTrak™ allows accurate and nonintrusive data collection from high-speed operations that would not otherwise be available for effective analysis of production problems and their root causes.

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