Enterprise Performance Management & Benchmarking

By Marketing 2 years ago

Enterprise Performance Management & Benchmarking

Larger manufacturing enterprises often have sites in various regions of the globe. Regardless of distance and location, it is increasingly important to have a clear view of performance criteria across the enterprise. The availability of accurate, timely, and actionable enterprise-wide information is critical in improving the overall performance of global (multi-site) manufacturing operations.

With GLOBALTrak™, the TrakSYS™ enterprise intelligence broker, multi-site enterprise information is available to decision makers and authorized users. Users of GLOBALTrak™ can access individual site reports and specific site comparison views, necessary for intelligence-based decision making across the enterprise.

GLOBALTrak™, allows data from individual sites to be pulled to a central information repository. GLOBALTrak™ enterprise portal exposes various information in real-time; Data Aggregations, Benchmarks, Analysis, BI (Business Intelligence), and notifications.

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