Knowledge Management & Decision Support Portal

By Marketing 2 years ago

Knowledge Management & Decision Support Portal

WEBTrak™ is the TrakSYS™ knowledge management and decision support portal. It is a comprehensive data analysis web application with an integrated security framework and diverse set of user-definable dashboards and reports. WEBTrak™ makes it possible to bring together relevant data from various sources, sort it in accordance with user -defined criteria, and deliver specific intelligence through standard web browser technology.

WEBTrak™ provides a variety of actionable report types:

  1. User-configurable, real-time, KPI dashboards
  2. Process value and KPI historical trends
  3. Audit reports for digital tracking of setup and data changes
  4. SPC charts
  5. Improvements and corrective actions
  6. Preconfigured real-time and historical views

In short, WEBTrak™ makes actionable intelligence available regardless of location, and without the need for any software installation on users’ personal computers or mobile devices, as long as they have the necessary access credentials.

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