Operations Historian

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Operations Historian

In many manufacturing operations, it is necessary to record time series data for historical reference and regulatory compliance. HISTORITrak™ is the time series and performance historian service of TrakSYS™.

HISTORITrak™ allows any data-source tag to be optionally logged, sorted, and reported. Tags may be configured; for recording on a fixed periodic basis, when the tag values change, and/or a combination of the two.

Available types of reports:

  1. Single variable trends vs. upper and lower limits
  2. Multi-variable trends for side-by-side comparison
  3. Variable trends vs. collected and calculated KPIs

HISTORITrak™ functionality makes it possible to define and configure the tags for recording, visualization, and reporting. The user can choose the rules, behavior, frequency, and the duration of the data capture. Based on the defined configuration, the LOGICTrak™ data collection engine will record the selected process values to the TrakSYS™ database.

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