Recipe & Batch Management

By Marketing 2 years ago

Recipe & Batch Management

BATCHTrak™ makes it possible not only to define; production recipes, specific functions, and steps, but also to define all tasks (e.g., setup, manual checks, quality checks, sign-offs, etc.), track material dispensation and usage, define production events, and define notifications.

Using the extensive analytics, workflow engine, and dashboards of TrakSYS™, detailed user-definable reports and electronic batch records (EBRs) can be generated with greater ease. What sets BATCHTrak™ apart is, not only does it deliver advanced batch management functionality, it also focuses on measurably improving the batch process, productivity, and reliability.

Easily select which activities need to be monitored for electronic signature. Effective batch management delivers by offering a wide range of functions such as:

  1. Manage versions and status
  2. Manage material usage and lot tracking.
  3. Configure and manage batch recipes and functions

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