TrakSYS™ Architecture Overview

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TrakSYS™ Architecture Overview

TrakSYS™ fully supports single-server, multi-server, and multi-core deployment. TrakSYS™ is proven and powerful, offering a wide array of scalable solutions to meet your exact needs. The architecture consists of three defined layers: Configuration and Modeling, Data Management Engine, and User Interface.

TrakSYS™ architecture is comprised of three distinct layers.

  1. Configuration and Modeling; MODELTrak™, is used to represent a production environment, build asset hierarchies, define data sources, and create business rules to name a few functions.
  2. Data Management Engine; LOGICTrak™ is the data collection engine. It is a service that runs in the background tasking with raw data collection from various sources.
  3. User Interface; WEBTrak™ is the comprehensive portal for TrakSYS™ user interfaces, reports, and data editing tools.

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