Weighing & Dispensing

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Weighing & Dispensing

TrakSYS™ provides a complete solution for managing weight and dispensing operations with regulatory compliance. Leveraging standard functionalities for material and item management, and native capabilities for integrating with existing business systems and process automation, TrakSYS™ is an effective solution for both manual and automatic weighing operations.

With Weighing and Dispensing by TrakSYS™, you are able to easily, define, plan, execute and optimize all material handling activities. Gain actionable insight through comprehensive electronic records of all tasks, assignments, results, and KPIs along with personalized dashboards and reports.

Some key features in TrakSYS™ weighing and dispensing solutions include:

  1. Managing material profiles and associated business rules
  2. Scheduling of tracking and weighing based on production orders
  3. Automatic real-time inventory levels
  4. Bi-directional communication with scales and other systems
  5. Interfacing with systems to generate unique identifiers for complete traceability

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