Quest for a Paperless Factory

By Marketing 4 years ago

Quest for a Paperless Factory

Akzo Nobel, one of the world’s leading decorative paint companies, selected TrakSYS™ to manage their operations at their largest plant in Mauá, Brazil. TrakSYS™ was integrated into Akzo Nobel’s ERP (SAP) to provide management and visibility across all aspects of production. From OEE in filling lines, to scheduling and management of production orders. TrakSYS™ helped to effectively manage all Work in Process (WIP) & Bill of Materials (BOM), as well as actionable, real-time, visual management Business Intelligence (BI).

Akzo Nobel, with the help to Parsec’s TrakSYS™, was able to:

  1. Create a 16% increase in on-time delivery of finished goods
  2. Improve scheduling and production planning
  3. Identify the root cause of bottlenecks in production areas
  4. Overtime and outsourced labor costs reduced
  5. Significantly increase the overall efficiency in the filling area

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