OEE Becomes the KPI

By Marketing 4 years ago

OEE Becomes the KPI

Established in the United Kingdom in the early 1960’s, APS group is a marketing solution provider. As part of its commitment to responsible business, APS is embarking on a Lean Manufacturing journey and sought a solution to measure and improve the efficiency of its existing manufacturing equipment.

With TrakSYS™, APS was able to establish OEE as the key productivity improvement metric for their printing presses. Operators were presented with real-time data on the shop floor, giving them the tools to instantly impact production and efficiency.

With TrakSYS™, APS:

  1. Achieved 22% improvement in OEE in the first four months
  2. Reduced wasteful activities down to just 8.4% freeing up additional production time
  3. Met the established lean manufacturing goals, with quality and performance issues reviewed against suppliers of raw materials.

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