Enhance Production in 6 Steps Using Preventive Maintenance

By Marketing 4 years ago

Enhance Production in 6 Steps Using Preventive Maintenance

Is your maintenance proactive or reactive?

Research within the industry certainly supports the benefits of proactive. In fact, it was recently shown that for every $1 spent to improve equipment reliability, there is a $5-10 return to the bottom line. This preventive approach to maintenance is approximately 30% less expensive than a reactive one.

Companies already using a Preventive Maintenance program with direct initiatives are saving, but is the system automated? Discover why automating and logging events can quickly make your maintenance department streamline and more effective.

The steps outlined in this White Paper will help you create a proactive approach to maintenance, including:

  1. Executive buy-in
  2. Training your team
  3. Performing ongoing analysis
  4. Benchmarking your success

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