Maximizing the Effectiveness of IIoT

By Marketing 3 years ago

Maximizing the Effectiveness of IIoT

Imagine a scenario in which key information from every aspect of production is captured and shared — from engineering to suppliers, from machines running on the production floor to workers performing inspections and maintenance, out the door to the shipper and, ultimately, the end user.

“The Industrial Internet is indeed transformative. It will change the basis of competition, redraw industry boundaries and create a new wave of disruptive companies, just as the current Internet has given rise to Amazon, Google and Netflix.” -World Economic Forum, 2015

The first “I” in IIoT could stand for “Integrated” rather than “Industrial” because that is what really distinguishes IIoT from IoT: the ability to control every aspect of manufacturing through an integrated network.

Possible Barriers:

  • Insufficient Vision and Direction
  • Disparate Systems Among Various Entities
  • Lack of Security Controls
  • Need for Powerful Software Platforms

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