Productivity Improvement at 30,000 Feet

By Marketing 4 years ago

Productivity Improvement at 30,000 Feet

As a world leader in aircraft braking systems, Messier-Bugatti creates components for nearly 10,000 aircrafts worldwide. Along with production of wheels, brakes and hydraulic systems, Messier-Bugatti also handles carbon disk refurbishment for a worldwide market, all in there Molsheim, France factory.

With complex production planning and scheduling, Messier-Bugatti needed a system that could allow them visibility into their operations as well as manage all; workflows, production data, and lean initiatives.

Messier-Bugatti saw an ROI in less than three months and now has clear visibility into their production value stream.

Messier-Bugatti advanced their Continuous Improvement initiatives of 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain), SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Dies), and LMI by reviewing the actionable, real-time data to:

  1. Reduce the occurrences of short stops
  2. Achieve full ROI in less than one year
  3. Improve production planning based on measured capacity
  4. Increase an hour of efficient production on each CNC machine per day

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