Discovering Target Rates and Prioritizing Losses

By Marketing 3 years ago

Discovering Target Rates and Prioritizing Losses

As a global leader in vitamins and supplements, Pharmavite needed a software solution that could keep up with their growing demand and increase capacity while giving insight into their operations.

Pharmavite was using MS Word & ERP entry forms to track uptime performance, later moving to an Excel based OEE tracking system. However, these solutions were not real-time nor capable of capturing detailed downtime information. This system was challenging to utilize correctly, and results were not maintained. With over 120 products available in the marketplace, Pharmavite’s complex process needed something to unify and streamline operations and the value stream.

Benefits from the implementation of TrakSYS™

  • $421,000 in Savings in the First Year
  • Increased Quality to 99.6%
  • 20% OEE Improvement
  • 51% Reduction in Overtime Expenses

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