Achieve Traceability and Increase Throughput and Capacity

By Marketing 4 years ago

Achieve Traceability and Increase Throughput and Capacity

Premier Nutrition is a supplier and producer of animal nutritional supplements, for both livestock and pets. Premier Nutrition needed a solution that could create optimum traceability and food safety quality controls to eliminate the chance of contamination.

Premier Nutrition achieved optimum safety with control and freedom from residue by focusing on a Leaner, more consistent delivery of service and product to their customers.

Integrated seamlessly with their ERP, Premier Nutrition benefited from their deployment of TrakSYS™ with:

  1. Increased inventory control and traceability
  2. Improved data management and accuracy with Electronic Batch Records (EBRs)
  3. Complete real-time visibility of their entire operations for Continuous Improvement initiatives

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