Episode IV – Quality, Compliance, and What’s Next
Featuring MESA International and Bush Brothers & Co.

Making your operations a responsive and reliable asset is not always trivial. Many outside factors can affect the business and supply chain such as evolving compliance and regulation issues, and increasing expectations from consumers. All of this puts more pressure back onto the manufacturer to drive price down and quality up.

By breaking down the value stream into its individual tasks, management is able to get a clearer picture of each step of the process and look for improvement areas. After creating goals and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for continuous improvement, it then becomes about notifying the right people in real-time, so that improvements can be made quickly and effectively. By having a software system in place to monitor all of these aspects, lasting improvements made to the value stream are attainable and repeatable.

In this final webinar, learn how Bush Brothers & Co. is able to successfully navigate the ever changing landscape of manufacturing, now and in the future.

Operator Engagement and Delivering Intelligence with TrakSYS™

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