World Class Mail

By Marketing 4 years ago

World Class Mail

As a part of its World-Class Manufacturing (WCM) initiative, Royal Mail needed a visual performance management system that could replace their time-consuming, often inaccurate, paper-based processes. For this Royal Mail turned to Parsec and their MES solution TrakSYS™.

Royal Mail met the return on investment in months by monitoring availability and performance, and used KPI reports delivering business intelligence from the shop floor to senior management. Based on the ten pillars of World-Class Manufacturing, Royal Mail is on a path to improve safety, quality, productivity, and reduce breakdowns to deliver over 80 million items of mail daily.

TrakSYS™ measured performance to achieve:

  1. World-Class Manufacturing (WCM) Goals
  2. OEE improvements of 20 points in six months
  3. Reduced maintenance costs and frequency
  4. Full employee engagement

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