Track and Trace Materials from Supplier to Finished Goods

By Marketing 4 years ago

Track and Trace Materials from Supplier to Finished Goods

Traceability is the ability to track, trace, and digitally record the genealogy of raw materials, Work in Process (WIP), and go-to-market production, processing, and distribution. Genealogy is identifying all parts, materials, components, and secondary assembly to create a finalized product.

But what can tracking a product’s life cycle throughout the production process add to your manufacturing operation?

  • Avoid costly product recalls
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Reduce or eliminate compliance risk
  • Manage logistics and quality effectively

With the TrakSYS™ Track & Trace function, animal nutrition manufacturers Premier Nutrition and Navobi are able to detect and report the physical location of a product in real-time and use their stored data actionably. Learn how these animal nutrition manufacturers were able to utilize traceability from TrakSYS™.

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