Value Stream Optimization Utilizing Electronic Records in Regulated Industries

October 7, 2015
TrakSYS™ empowers users - across a wide spectrum of disciplines - to work together to efficiently meet operational excellence and quality-by-design

Understanding TEEP versus OEE for Profitable Manufacturing

August 13, 2015
Emphasize the gap between current operations and the world-class future state. Understand the difference between TEEP and OEE to set defined goals for each and achieve world-class manufacturing

Uncovering Hidden Capacity Utilizing OEE

November 29, 2016
Many companies routinely hit capacity constraints and immediately consider adding overtime for existing workers, hiring workers for a new shift, or buying a new

Track and Trace Materials from Supplier to Finished Goods

November 17, 2015
Traceability is the ability to track, trace, and digitally record the genealogy of raw materials, Work in Process (WIP), and go-to-market production, processing, and

Top 10 Proven Tips to Maximize Uptime and Boost Performance

August 13, 2015
Whether you are already down the path of becoming a World-Class Manufacturer (WCM) or you are just starting your Lean initiative, these tips can help set goals that continue commitment to efficiency. Set the goal for

Quality Takes Lead in MOM Software Deployments and Performance Benefits

August 13, 2015
In today’s globalizing economy, shrinking operating margins, growing consumer demands, supply chain dependency and complexity, and increased regulations, have added immense pressures to not just simply perform well, but also to continuously improve that

Tackling the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Productivity

August 13, 2015
According to the FDA, the goal of Process Analytic Technology (PAT) is to understand and control the manufacturing process, which is consistent with the current drug quality system, which states, quality cannot be tested into products, it should be built in or should be by

Mining OEE Data for Manufacturing Treasure

August 13, 2015
Discover the three types of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) so your plant performance does not plateau. When well-planned strategies are successful, they lead to breakaway performance that becomes a competitive

Solve Three Key Issues by Leveraging OEE in Your Executive Decision Making

August 13, 2015
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) provides tangible data on plant equipment and investment needs. Overall Equipment Effectiveness sheds light on where to apply resources effectively, maximizing profit potential in the planning and budgeting

The Power of Data-Driven Decision Making

August 13, 2015
Doing more with less has become the standard business mindset. But how do you achieve this goal on the shop floor and the production lines you

Maximizing the Effectiveness of IIoT

November 8, 2016
Imagine a scenario in which key information from every aspect of production is captured and shared — from engineering to suppliers, from machines running on the production floor to workers performing inspections and maintenance, out the door to the shipper and, ultimately, the end

Eleven Insights Into the Future of Manufacturing

July 18, 2016
Like most businesses, manufacturing is subject to cycles of stagnation and acceleration. Historically, improved manufacturing has led to the growth of the service sector, which in turn has led to a diminished manufacturing

Enhance Production in 6 Steps Using Preventive Maintenance

August 13, 2015
Companies already using an automated Preventive Maintenance program with directive initiatives are saving as much as 30%. Discover why automating and logging events can quickly make your maintenance department streamlined and more

Effective Management of Electronic Batch Records

August 13, 2015
Traditionally, batch operations records were—wholly or in part—collected, managed, and represented manually. As with most manual operations, there were concerns with accuracy, consistency, and

Back-of-the-Envelope OEE in 5 Steps

November 29, 2016
While calculating and improving your own OEE always adds value to your organization, it helps to know where others stand to truly benchmark your OEE levels. In comes World Class